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China Franchise and Dealership Law Service

Hailyare lawyers provide advice and legal representation to a variety of businesses, corporations, and partnerships involved in marketing products and services through franchises and dealerships. Our clients include franchisors and companies using dealers, as well as franchisees and dealers themselves.

We provide a broad range of legal services to such clients, including development of franchise operation strategies and structure, formation of proper franchise operation organizations, the first franchise's registration (with MOFCOM or its equivalent of provincial level), review your franchise documents according to China laws, performance of due diligence investigations on franchisee candidates, real estate issues, labor laws issues, assistance with regulatory compliance, and dispute resolutions.

We also use different means to protect the trademarks and brand names of franchise owners against infringements.

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Featured service: China franchise Legal Service, assisting you in marketing products and services through franchises and dealerships in China / Shanghai. We are the Franchise and Dealership Law Group of Hailyare & Partners; attorney, lawyer, solicitor, advisor, attorney-at-law, franchising, franchisee, franchisor.