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About Hailyare & Partners

HAILYARE & PARTNERS is a medium level local law firm and represents a broad range of business enterprises, institutional clients and individuals. Founded in 1996, with its headquarters in Shanghai and an office in Beijing, Hailyare now has over thirty lawyers. We are fully licensed to issue legal opinion under China laws and represent clients in court, arbitration and other legal and administrative proceedings, which distinguish us from ordinary foreign law firms operating in mainland China.

All Hailyare lawyers have received professional legal education and training in prestigious law schools in or outside China. Many of our lawyers have previously worked in renowned domestic and foreign law firms and multinational companies. They understand Chinese and foreign cultures and legal standards. The experience with multinational companies enables our lawyers to have closer eyes on and better understanding of business.

With a practice platform that includes merger and acquisition, corporate laws, commercial laws, real estate, IP laws, franchise, litigation and arbitration, our lawyers are uniquely positioned to support our clients. We have the skill and experience to anticipate and understand complex legal challenges and approach each matter with the power and finesse.


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